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Trust yourself, because society always corrupt our confidence. - Al-Hanouf Halawi
ما أجمل الأصدقاء في عالم تلاشت فيه الثقه والوفاء. - Al-Hanouf Halawi
مهما الكل يقسى علينا يبقى بداخلنا شعاع للأمل والتفاؤل يمكن مانقدر نطغي على حزننا بسهوله لكن ثقتنا بالله كبيره نقدر نفرح من جديد. - Al-Hanouf Halawi
When you try hard to get something, but you gain nothing, this is what's called depression. - Al-Hanouf Halawi
Don't make people control your life, People only care about themselves. Live your life with happy and ignore Sick people. - Al-Hanouf Halawi
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