Quotation Explorer - 'Anjali Prabodh'

You are the storm and the calm of your life. - Anjali Prabodh
I need more blankets. This world is too cold. - Anjali Prabodh
Let people learn to love beyond religion and live beyond death. - Anjali Prabodh
He was truly a masterpiece. Shattered by the dark, made even more beautiful by his own brokenness. - Anjali Prabodh
Lets get back together, he said. Easier said than done. - Anjali Prabodh
Curse it when it is there.Miss it when it is gone.Human being being human. - Anjali Prabodh
Books keep me sane.Words are my saving grace. - Anjali Prabodh
You are already saved.You are already forgiven.Stop looking for things you already have.Like looking for glasses that you are already wearing. - Anjali Prabodh
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