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Success' is world's most beautiful thing - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Think bigger It makes a profit - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Always try to discover your destiny. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Sometime it's really hardest things to keep yourself alone. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Do not seduce yourself to temporary person, as you may aware that people doesn't have much time to remember that feeling which you were shared. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Any of the girl never ever commit when her intention is to cheat You. So, I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Some time it's hardst things to keep yourself alone. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
Apna kaam banta, "Bhaadd mai jai Janta. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
The difference between you and me is that I always forgive you. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
If pain in the mind, then the most dangerous thing is it. - Anuj Kr. Thakur
She(my love) said to me, what's the matter with you?.......I replied.....'NOTHING - Anuj Kr. Thakur
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