Quotation Explorer - 'Beem Weeks'

Great writers teach as well as entertain. - Beem Weeks
What we may view as bad or dark experiences will often be what makes us who we were always meant to be. - Beem Weeks
Storytelling is a gift, but writing is a learned art. - Beem Weeks
The sky, with a single star, would be dark and boring. A million stars in the firmament makes for something wondrous and bright. - Beem Weeks
A choice made having devastating consequences for another is really not a choice. It is an act. - Beem Weeks
Once we forget those who have contributed time and effort in making an endeavor successful, we forget ourselves. - Beem Weeks
Some people, though related by blood, are as sworn enemies. Others, bound only by friendship, would die for one another. - Beem Weeks
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