Quotation Explorer - 'Glenn C. Stewart'

Love is where leadership begins. - Glenn C. Stewart
Receptive prayer is one of the most powerful weapons against spiritual u-turns. - Glenn C. Stewart
The deep love that is born of friendship can too easily become stagnant when life becomes busy. - Glenn C. Stewart
Values reflect what is important to the way you live and work. - Glenn C. Stewart
To the degree you experience a love deficit you will also manifest a leadership deficit. - Glenn C. Stewart
If your leadership is truly grounded in love, you’ll always land in the category of a good leader. - Glenn C. Stewart
Catch your friends doing something good and tell them about it. - Glenn C. Stewart
Encouragement is a mark of true friendship. - Glenn C. Stewart
Loving leaders allow for individuality in style and expression. - Glenn C. Stewart
Excellence! We all want it from others and we should want it from ourselves. - Glenn C. Stewart
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