Quotation Explorer - 'Hafsa Shah'

For me it's all about creating chaos.. and then getting away with it. - Hafsa Shah
The only thing that ever came close to tugging my heart strings is music. I know this because that is the only time I've felt them move. - Hafsa Shah
What's heartbreaking isn't that we can't be together. It's that now, I know better and now; I will never be able to love you or anyone else in the same way again. - Hafsa Shah
The thing about past love is that they exist, only in your fantasy as a fantasy. - Hafsa Shah
I love that you love me. - Hafsa Shah
Too young to care; Too old to change. - Hafsa Shah
It's amazing how you could be with someone for years and yet not love them in the same intensity as; you do love someone else, the very moment you meet them. - Hafsa Shah
You can slow it down but you can't change destiny. - Hafsa Shah
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