Quotation Explorer - 'John J. Geddes'

...within invisible walls of dreams, we live a life that might have been... - John J. Geddes
my heart, sometimes singing in the afternoon, the most haunting song of solitude - John J. Geddes
had almost forgotten the wet brush of your kisses… soft as April snowflakes - John J. Geddes
deprived of magic, wonder wanes - John J. Geddes
...glass words for you, Beloved—rain beads from an abacus of pain... - John J. Geddes
I get mixed up with the life we led and the life I imagined - John J. Geddes
the same—on this page, or the end of your fingertips—always the same - John J. Geddes
Be careful—my heart is broken—and you could fall in - John J. Geddes
I’m mad with loneliness and you’ve been haunting me all day - John J. Geddes
children need calm—they’re artists - John J. Geddes
I took you to that windy hill where stars on every side fall away - John J. Geddes
I covet solitude and storms…and rain, with its geography of dark silence and distance - John J. Geddes
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