Quotation Explorer - 'Junaid Raza'

We always need a sound reason to move on, and we always pretend to have it. - Junaid Raza
When we need reasons to do something, we pretend to have it. - Junaid Raza
Success is always earned with patience. - Junaid Raza
Best tool to win hearts is "respect". - Junaid Raza
If humans know themselves, they will find that human is real asset and secret of universe. And if they recognize Allaah, they will find nothing but Allaah in the universe. - Junaid Raza
Respecting others is best tool to earn respect. - Junaid Raza
Fear detach our confidence. - Junaid Raza
Islam doesn't ask you to cover your eyes, but to guard them. - Junaid Raza
Success is all about patience. - Junaid Raza
We are alone by birth, but we conceal the truth from ourselves till death. - Junaid Raza
We always need a reason to live, and we pretend to have it. - Junaid Raza
When weakness becomes power, it leads you to success. - Junaid Raza
Sometime we get so tired that we wish to get defeated, and want to feel the pleasure of that failure. - Junaid Raza
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