Quotation Explorer - 'Kamal Khanzada'

The only thing that will make you successful is the believe you have in yourself - Kamal Khanzada
If you can't do it today, You can not do it in your whole life! Do it NOW! - Kamal Khanzada
Every great dream begins with a perspective; change the world with the power and strength within you - Kamal Khanzada
The future is unlimited for you right now, no one can knows what you capable of. Do not surrender! Only you are capable to change the world. - Kamal Khanzada
Success doesn't come to you walking, you should move towards it - Kamal Khanzada
People will think while you can do, go and do it - Kamal Khanzada
We are all born extraordinary! shape your today to cherish your tomorrow - Kamal Khanzada
Restyle your life forever by empowering yourself to incite the greatness in you - Kamal Khanzada
Time is priceless; you are responsible for your time. Earn it or kill it, your choice - Kamal Khanzada
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