Quotation Explorer - 'Kobayashi Issa'

This dewdrop world Is but a dewdrop worldAnd yet - Kobayashi Issa
Summer night--even the starsare whispering to each other. - Kobayashi Issa
HereI'm here-the snow falling. - Kobayashi Issa
O snailClimb Mount FujiBut slowly, slowly! - Kobayashi Issa
Where there are humans, You'll find flies,And Buddhas. - Kobayashi Issa
In the cherry blossom's shadethere's no such thingas a stranger. - Kobayashi Issa
Never forget:we walk on hell,gazing at flowers. - Kobayashi Issa
before the gate --my walking stick's made a riverof melting snow - Kobayashi Issa
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