Quotation Explorer - 'Kris Vallotton'

The truth is, Jesus didn't die for junk. - Kris Vallotton
You were saved when you believed in Jesus, but you were transformed when you realized He believed in you. - Kris Vallotton
Working for love is a curse. Working from love is a ministry. - Kris Vallotton
I’d like to propose to you that revelation is not the product of laborious study, but it is the fruit of friendship with God. - Kris Vallotton
You have not been put on earth for the devil to torment you, you have been put on this earth to torment the devil. - Kris Vallotton
When you forget who you are and whose you are, you start to compromise. - Kris Vallotton
You were born to be amazing. - Kris Vallotton
You can sacrifice and not love. But you cannot love and not sacrifice. - Kris Vallotton
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