Quotation Explorer - 'Kyra Jackson'

Just a drop in the ocean," you say,And that may be true,But the ocean wouldn't be as full,If it weren't for you. - Kyra Jackson
Stare up at the stars,Don't be fearful of the night.For, it is the darkness,That lets us know the light. - Kyra Jackson
She taught me that the nighttime,Is when the stars tend to thrive. - Kyra Jackson
Now I know I'm not broken,For the stars within my soul,Have just built constellations,To keep me feeling whole. - Kyra Jackson
The key to your happiness,Depends on what's in focus. - Kyra Jackson
Sometimes things are most beautiful when they're coming to an end. - Kyra Jackson
If chaos is a masterpiece,Then you should see my heart.If battle scars are beautiful,Then I'm a work of art. - Kyra Jackson
Despite her fears she found,The secret to an outstanding life,Is risking the fall,For the possibility of flight. - Kyra Jackson
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