Quotation Explorer - 'Manuel Corazzari'

passion and determination is the fuel that will get you to the almost impossible faraway destination you need to get to in the coming soon future - Manuel Corazzari
Jesus is the seat belt of the roller coaster ride that doesn't let me fall - Manuel Corazzari
‪You would not be able to manage millions of dollars well when you are not managing thousands of dollars ‬well - Manuel Corazzari
The reason the stars are so high up into the sky is because they belong to those with high determination - Manuel Corazzari
All you need is someone to believe in you to become the new believer of yourself - Manuel Corazzari
The eyes of Faith will allow you to see the invisible - Manuel Corazzari
We were not placed on an empty island for a reason, we were placed into communities to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and Help ONE ANOTHER! - Manuel Corazzari
when you are about to give up just remember you have only two choices: stay in course or start all over again! - Manuel Corazzari
The average person will take the excuses, but the leader will always take responsibilities - Manuel Corazzari
The best gift you can give yourself is to give to someone else - Manuel Corazzari
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