Quotation Explorer - 'Mark Donnelly'

We're all strange in our own strange way. - Mark Donnelly
Yesterday's shortcuts are today's nightmares. The race is quicker when we're stricter. Keep your eyes on today, and declare what you may. - Mark Donnelly
Life's choices are wild and free, but sustaining and elevating, or destructive and debilitating. It's up to us to choose. - Mark Donnelly
It only takes one thought in one moment to alter the course of your life. - Mark Donnelly
The enchanted day is only enchanted if we ourselves believe that anything is possible. - Mark Donnelly
The more you read within a balanced life, the more time you have. Strange but true. - Mark Donnelly
Protect your self-esteem and self-confidence - it is your responsibility! - Mark Donnelly
When you have acceptance of who you are there is no need to discuss your past. - Mark Donnelly
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