Quotation Explorer - 'Mark Lamoure'

Start dream building. See yourself at you best. Transform yourself with determination. - Mark LaMoure
Excellence is the rocket that carries you to the stratosphere of success. - Mark LaMoure
Excellence is a high quality, that delivers the gold nugget of success. - Mark LaMoure
A miracle is when you take action on your goals, and create the visible from the invisible. Transform your thoughts and dreams into the material world, from planning, hard work and determination. - Mark LaMoure
Everything big, once started little. Discipline yourself and work to become an excellent person at what you want. Stretch yourself daily and go a little further than yesterday. Growth is the key to winning success. - Mark LaMoure
Improve yourself. Raise your attitude up to excellence for success. Get going now and create the reality. - Mark LaMoure
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