Quotation Explorer - 'Mia Hollow'

You do not need words to tell the truth. - Mia Hollow
Know that we have met before and that we will meet again. I will find my way to you in the next life, and every life after that. - Mia Hollow
The truth, the all moving magic, the single handed spark of it all wasI found art. And this saved my life. - Mia Hollow
That is what love does, it upstages fear. - Mia Hollow
I play with the fire of my own truth," she told me, "I will burn for the things I love. - Mia Hollow
Know that I loved you and that I belonged to you. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. - Mia Hollow
You are only as touched my the magic of this life as you want to be. - Mia Hollow
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