Quotation Explorer - 'Michael Treanor'

When something is impossible, I do it anyway. - Michael Treanor
Food is a creative, personal journey - Michael Treanor
A difficult journey is more revealing of character than any discussion or analysis. - Michael Treanor
Maybe the problem is that I was never taught to enjoy failure as an opportunity. - Michael Treanor
If I go a little over the top sometimes, don’t worry; That’s where all the sunshine is. - Michael Treanor
If you ever expect life to be fair, you are in for a shocking disappointment. Life is what it is. Fair is something we made up. - Michael Treanor
Fear is the illusion that I have some control over the bad things that might happen to me. - Michael Treanor
Exercise not only tones the muscles, but also refines the brain and revives the soul. - Michael Treanor
Once I stop spending energy trying to prevent things I have no control over, I have a tremendous amount of energy to focus on the places where I can make a difference. - Michael Treanor
When I think I can’t go anymore, I go anyway. - Michael Treanor
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