Quotation Explorer - 'Mykyta Isagulov'

Anything can be art: painting stairs, raising a child, or organising a trip to the end of the world. It's the way you live that makes you either an artist, or an art connoisseur, or an unsatisfied critic. - Mykyta Isagulov
LIVING your life and NOT acting it is the true art. - Mykyta Isagulov
Someone said: friends are the thiefs of time. I shall add: of time, freedom, life; and givers of best memories, brightest moments, true feelings. - Mykyta Isagulov
Nothing inspires me greater than the silly behaviour and crazy ideas of my best friends... - Mykyta Isagulov
My friends are my enimies, my magi, my gods, my life... - Mykyta Isagulov
True friendship is the hardest thing to break... - Mykyta Isagulov
Sometimes we speak different languages, but our hearts are the same. - Mykyta Isagulov
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