Quotation Explorer - 'Nadun Lokuliyanage'

The next best thing to christmas is...... a story worth reading. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
They say that it's a crazy world out there. I don't mind contributing by a bit of madness myself. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
When there's Christmas in hell. that's what i call real Christmas! - Nadun Lokuliyanage
You don't have to look nice to be wise. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
Life without books, chocolate & coffee is just useless. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
Silence heals. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
who gets the rare opportunity of spotting a treasure of memories lying among masses, stepping back to stroke it with a secret smile as your mind wanders back to those sleepless yet ecstatic nights you had spent together?only............a book lover. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
One is never too late to become young at heart. - Nadun Lokuliyanage
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