Quotation Explorer - 'Pushkar Saraf'

You can never clear a thought from someone's mind, which is incepted by a external cause. thy you know the truth, let it pass patience and self realization is the key to clearance. - Pushkar Saraf
People are not angry, they just want to be heard. - Pushkar Saraf
A Simple act of Kindness can create endless Ripples - Pushkar Saraf
Life is to short to hate someone or give a damn about someone - Pushkar Saraf
How Ironic, when you do business you create exceptions to create new opportunities, when you write code (do a job) you handle exception to make it clean. - Pushkar Saraf
If you run a business, you know that every moment 365*24*7 people want to F*** with your business. - Pushkar Saraf
People say you have expensive tastes.My Humble reply : I appreciate fine art, and fine art is not cheap. - Pushkar Saraf
Though people know the meaning of the word acceptance, people are ignorant about it. Thinking acceptance may hurt their self esteem. - Pushkar Saraf
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