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Oops Typo!" - When God created humans. - Saleem Sharma
Sometimes words are just a crude translation of love. - Saleem Sharma
Maybe you are a memory who is supposed to live forever. - Saleem Sharma
The worst thing about being perfect is that you can't make mistakes. - Saleem Sharma
Pause while reading a book only in case of two things:1. To kiss2. To sip coffeeToo bad both are a luxury. - Saleem Sharma
If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it, or you're up to something. - Saleem Sharma
If the wealth you've accumulated is in the form of friends, family and books, then you're doing life right. - Saleem Sharma
You sip the water from the same ocean in which all the hope was lost. Us - Saleem Sharma
To sleep and being able to. RareTo sleep and deserve it. Rarer. - Saleem Sharma
If he's not real, you'll know. Men have never washed a rented car. - Saleem Sharma
The most overpowering will is the will to not work. - Saleem Sharma
I wish that the last breath of your life is a sigh of relief. - Saleem Sharma
You're reading one of those books in which the author is in love with the reader. My life. - Saleem Sharma
Women are suspicious. Men are devious. Infinite loop. - Saleem Sharma
You're a part of the order if you're not against it. - Saleem Sharma
The truth about people is that there are more fakes than originals. - Saleem Sharma
Some people make a difference, some people make you different. - Saleem Sharma
To stand a storm and get blown away by her whisper. - Saleem Sharma
Your woman should always be short of words and full of kisses. - Saleem Sharma
A star-spangled sky and you were looking the other way,the night beckoned and waited and you waited for the day. - Saleem Sharma
That feeling when you know you're being fought for. - Saleem Sharma
A thousand moments lost because you took them for granted, just because you expected a thousand more. - Saleem Sharma
A tank full of life and a running tap. - Saleem Sharma
As we grow up, nothing changes more than the definition of loss. - Saleem Sharma
When two lovers discover a language of their own. - Saleem Sharma
Knowledge is knowing the depth of the ocean. Wisdom is knowing till where to swim. - Saleem Sharma
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