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Worrying is like a man's beard, if you don't do something about it... it will keep growing. - Samer Chidiac
Real problems in life are those related to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones... Everything else is NOT a problem! - Samer Chidiac
Just like going to the moon made us learn more about earth, achieving your goals will make you learn more about yourself and get fascinated. - Samer Chidiac
Serious problems are those we don't know we already have. - Samer Chidiac
When you dive into your past, remember to go back up quickly. - Samer Chidiac
Selfless love, is the fountain of youth... - Samer Chidiac
You might be on the right track, but you can't just stand there! - Samer Chidiac
Sometimes you can't walk your dream journey. Find a way! - Samer Chidiac
The day you wake up thinking the world is yours is the day you start living. - Samer Chidiac
Teaching is a Creative profession, it is our duty as School Leaders and Education Influencers to offer the right climate to foster innovation and support Innovative Teaching practices within our schools, and that's what will make our students succeed in the 21st century - Samer Chidiac
You NEED to learn how to fly before you learn how to land and you MUST learn how to land before you start flying. - Samer Chidiac
If you keep fighting with yourself, you will always win. - Samer Chidiac
Make peace with your fears; after all, they are only imaginary friends. - Samer Chidiac
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