Quotation Explorer - 'Seyi Ayoola'

Get it Right today, for today wil never come again - Seyi Ayoola
It was only possible because it was attained. An Idea isn't feasible until it becomes reality - Seyi Ayoola
A smile is a humble hidden treasure everyman has been endowed with that does not reveal itself until it is called for. - Seyi Ayoola
Holiness grants us access to God's blessings, for without it,ACCESS DENIED!!! - Seyi Ayoola
Learning is crucial if you want to remain special and material - Seyi Ayoola
And if love is life,live it.for God is love. - Seyi Ayoola
Success comes to those who are aware of failure but are success conscious - Seyi Ayoola
Life is like the clouds we see everyday.The dark,white patches and its mixtures.These are what we see and experience everyday. - Seyi Ayoola
Lead by Example,not by showing samples - Seyi Ayoola
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