Quotation Explorer - 'Sharfaraz Ahmed'

If you want to be successful, put yourself in a discomfort zone. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Take a deep breathe and thanks for everything you have. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Eliminate distractions and focus on priorities. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Life sucks when you don't get the opportunity to grow despite of working hard. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Everything you dream is more than possible. Never stop dreaming. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Sometimes, you have to do the right things in wrong way. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Everyday you are living minutes you will never get back. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Constantly seek knowledge and increase your knowledge base- that will take you to the next level. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Average people give up on their dreams. Don't be like average people. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Worrying will not solve your problem, working will. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Your mind is everything. If you can control it, you can be the King of the universe. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Its very difficult to understand a woman. Don't try. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
People will hate you. Let them hate. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Appreciate those who make efforts only to see you happy. They might have some limitations but that does not mean that the efforts they are making have no meanings. Dont judge them on the basis of their limitations. It really hurts... - Sharfaraz Ahmed
They are not going to believe in you and that's okay. All you need is to believe in yourself. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
A life without goals is a bird without wings - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Men don't cry. They endure. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
Set goals and accomplish them. - Sharfaraz Ahmed
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