Quotation Explorer - 'Sher E Yazdan'

I don't care about situations.i care about feelings - Sher E Yazdan
Life goes on it doesen't matter people stay with you are not. - Sher E Yazdan
Sometimes you have to sit alone and enjoy the nature and try to see in the sky transparent faces. - Sher E Yazdan
my uncle died.and i don't feel sad because he died.but i felt so sad when i realize that i will never see him alive again in my whole life. - Sher E Yazdan
Fighting with your fate is equal to fight with God. - Sher E Yazdan
Time don't have heart emotions and feelings - Sher E Yazdan
Trying is better option than giving up.. - Sher E Yazdan
I would choose to live a century in a dark room instead of hanging out with fake friends. - Sher E Yazdan
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