Quotation Explorer - 'Shihab Kazi'

A fraction of second can teach the lesson of least 10years. - Shihab Kazi
Sometimes dreams are so big and exciting that we forget to shape it. - Shihab Kazi
There's a huge difference between what we picture and the original image. - Shihab Kazi
There are plenty of those who will always save you staying help-less. - Shihab Kazi
খাচার খাজের এক জলন্ত চেরাগনিথর দেহ, এক বায়ু রুহ আর একটা ইহকাল...বহুরূপী লোভী মানুষের ভিড় ঠেলেশেষ গন্তব্য পরকাল... - Shihab Kazi
The power of belief of an atheist towards God is proportional to the chances of worse unfortunate events. - Shihab Kazi
Some histories are better kept secret. - Shihab Kazi
The problem with this generation is that they believe in social media more than people. - Shihab Kazi
A single note is enough to ruin the entire composition. - Shihab Kazi
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