Quotation Explorer - 'Steve Aylett'

a story is ready when it falls from your face - Steve Aylett
He had long been curious at leaders intermittent calls for a return to past values and had tested the notion by trying to build a house from the sky downwards - Steve Aylett
I crept in to find my father with pennies on his eyes - and looking closer I saw they were made of foil-covered chocolate. Of course I stole and ate them. Magical guilt? Tell me about it - Steve Aylett
Since childhood I’d been suspected of imagination - Steve Aylett
We have truth in order not to die of art. - Steve Aylett
From space this Earth is incandescent with abominations - the gods write their signature in our entrails - Steve Aylett
Used a replica gun to steal a replica sportscar and experienced a replica of remorse - Steve Aylett
Stab me if you can enjoy it - but not if it feels like a duty. Stab me vertically if I’m lying down and horizontally if I’m running - Steve Aylett
What happens when the hitcher and the driver are equally murderous? - Steve Aylett
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