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I have learned that if you have something to say, say it regardless, no matter what the outcome is, it will serve you, eventually. - Abeer Allan
للقهوة طقوسوللمرأة طقوسوكلاهما في المرارة حلو...وأنت طقوسيوخطيئتي المقدسةفأدمنتك قهوة الصباحوحلم المساءوما بين القهوة والحلم - Abeer Allan
والأهم من هيك...لأنه صوتي وصوتِك مش عيب... - Abeer Allan
I have learned that having a cause to fight for is a noble and rare thing to have. So be fearless and fight. - Abeer Allan
I have learned that chances don’t always come to you; sometimes you have to create your own. - Abeer Allan
We encounter souls, not bodies. - Abeer Allan
I have learned that only the dead have a steady state of mind. - Abeer Allan
I have learned that the first step to letting go is to accept the facts. - Abeer Allan
My Solo Adventure #1- Bali: Imagination unlocked, escaping a cage drawn by a relentless life. Soul freed, reaching beyond the hidden dimensions of an uncertain universe. Thirst. Hunger. Rebirth. For forever we are greedy. - Abeer Allan
And like tea dissolving in hot water, the sun dissolved in the sky… creating a velvet horizon, announcing for the stars’ night dance with the moon, the awaited joy for the wounded souls. -- From Bali The Rebirth - Abeer Allan
لو سألوني عن رام الله لقلت: رام الله هي تلك المدينة المعبقة برائحة الحرية والاحتلال على حد سواء... تلك المدينة التي حتى في خطاياها عبادة - Abeer Allan
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