Quotation Explorer - 'Arefin Bashar Arif'

We call ourselves poor, that's why we're poor. When we will start calling ourselves rich then we will become rich, even it won't look like that. Self trust is freedom. - Arefin Bashar Arif
If I wanna die I may be awesome that I fear nothing. So I can do anything in this earth. Cause I am about to die. And If I start to do anything in this earth, the worst can be, I will die. This is the way I make impossibles possible. - Arefin Bashar Arif
The man who doesn't fear death, fear nothing. - Arefin Bashar Arif
With all colors combined the world shines - Arefin Bashar Arif
Don't make your character that people can walk on it, make your character as sky so that people would dream to get there - Arefin Bashar Arif
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