Quotation Explorer - 'Arthur Golden'

At that moment, beauty itself struck me as a kind of painful melancholy. - Arthur Golden
I long ago developed a very practical smile, which I call my "Noh smile" because it resembles a Noh mask whose features are frozen. Its advantage is that men can interpret it however they want; you can imagine how often I've relied on it. - Arthur Golden
A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory. - Arthur Golden
For a flicker of a moment I imagined a world completely different from the one I'd always known, a world in which I was treated with fairness, even kindness-- a world in which fathers didn't sell their daughters. - Arthur Golden
And yet if I drew my thoughts back from him, what life would I have? I would be like a dancer who had practiced since childhood for a performance she would never give. - Arthur Golden
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