Quotation Explorer - 'C.J. Langenhoven'

Don't listen to a man who says we have to work together as a team. He means we have to work as he says. - C.J. Langenhoven
Adversity removes the friends prosperity has harvested. - C.J. Langenhoven
Friends should be like books, few, but hand-selected. - C.J. Langenhoven
To test a man, determine how much it takes to make him lie. - C.J. Langenhoven
If you really want to hurt, find someone who loves you. - C.J. Langenhoven
God made the world like a knife. We have the choice to take it by the handle or the blade. - C.J. Langenhoven
Never offer unsolicited advice. The receiver might not know that you are smarter than him. - C.J. Langenhoven
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