Quotation Explorer - 'Deborah Brodie'

Faith encompasses so much more than a denomination! - Deborah Brodie
This is not a reaction to your words or actions, rather, it is in direct response to them - Deborah Brodie
You don't have to strive to be right, because you of faith are made right. - Deborah Brodie
Unforgiveness is a shadow of the past; it is behind you, but you always know it is there. Sorrow and bitterness covers your heart like the darkness covers the night. - Deborah Brodie
Feed your self-esteem; not your ego! - Deborah Brodie
Do not focus only on your needs; focus on your purpose. - Deborah Brodie
Seeing a miracle will inspire you, but knowing you are a miracle will change you. - Deborah Brodie
Temptation is not to be feared, but controlled. - Deborah Brodie
Your heart can be broken, but your soul never bleeds. - Deborah Brodie
Paths that lead to the crossroads of life; otherwise known as "transition."Transition is the tension present between struggle and grace. - Deborah Brodie
Count the cost of everything.Rather than asking someone, "How much does this cost?" Ask yourself, "What is my value? - Deborah Brodie
Fiction opens a window of imagination that reality closes. - Deborah Brodie
Strength does not come in those times when you hit the mark; it comes in those times when you strive to but miss. - Deborah Brodie
Grace is that turning point from feeling hopeless to becoming empowered. - Deborah Brodie
You cannot slay the illusion of the victim until you face it and call it truth - Deborah Brodie
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