Quotation Explorer - 'Genesis Quihuis'

People don't believe me when I tell them I'm a magician who makes portals to other worlds. So I tell them I'm a writer instead. - Genesis Quihuis
I make you see things that aren't really there and you believe every word - Genesis Quihuis
When I realize I made someone's day, it makes my day. - Genesis Quihuis
A liar with a pen is a writer - Genesis Quihuis
Sometimes, when people look at me, I can see the pity in their eyes. All I want is hope, but neither of us can give it to each other. - Genesis Quihuis
I saw no way out but to dive right in, to a good book. - Genesis Quihuis
My next option is to only write a list of the books I like, but then again, I don’t read a book I don’t like so it doesn’t solve any of my problems. - Genesis Quihuis
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