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When you act on an intuitive impulse, you are celebrating one of the thoroughly joyful aspects of life on this planet. That calm, guiding inner voice is a natural part of you and deserves to be honored. What is not natural is ignoring it. - Jodi Livon
I danced with my shadows until they became part of my light. - Jodi Livon
Just breathe and believe. - Jodi Livon
Live what you love and what you love will fill your life. - Jodi Livon
The world is more than black and white. Seeing everything in color helps me raise my spirit and find my happy. Life is meant to be lived in color! - Jodi Livon
We are the authors of the stories our soul unfolds. - Jodi Livon
May the love in your heart overshadow any sorrows, and may you always know with a deep inner certainty, how loved you truly are. - Jodi Livon
When I stopped to take a breath, I noticed I had wings. - Jodi Livon
When we are able to see the choices we make through the eyes of self-acceptance, we are transformed. - Jodi Livon
I shine my light on every dark thought that arises and they turn into whispers with wings and fly away. - Jodi Livon
I have within me all that I need; I am love and life in action. - Jodi Livon
Our feelings are the wings of our intuition. - Jodi Livon
Self-acceptance is self-love in action. - Jodi Livon
I am love and light in action. - Jodi Livon
Letting go facilitates the evolution of the soul. - Jodi Livon
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