Quotation Explorer - 'Jury Nel'

Of all the evil man can do, the greatest is doing nothing. - Jury Nel
Sexy is not appearance. It's attitude. - Jury Nel
Curiosity can only be called "fear of the unknown" only when you are in your comfort zone. - Jury Nel
Everyone is taught that angels have wings - the lucky ones of us find that they have 4 paws. - Jury Nel
We all want good friends - kind, respected, nice. The kind of people you want to introduce to your parents, other friends, pastor. But never underestimate the value of immoral friends - the ones that create the most precious memories you never will tell anyone else! - Jury Nel
In modern society the term "no" have changed meaning. It now seems to be an abbreviation for "Negotiations Open". - Jury Nel
You only walk this path once. Make sure you take time to stop and enjoy the nice things. You can't smell last years roses. - Jury Nel
winning = adaptation and one step forward to take the prize - Jury Nel
Morality is a easy horse to ride when all the horses are just black and white. - Jury Nel
Books give knowledge. Mistakes gives experience. - Jury Nel
To value learning as a gift, you have to accept pain as a teacher. - Jury Nel
Being able to feel love, loyalty, gratitude and happiness means you have a soul? Then all my pets are bound for heaven. - Jury Nel
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