Quotation Explorer - 'Kartik Mehta'

My words are within the rimBut No rim can bind my Thought. - Kartik Mehta
My words are like axe don't dare to interferes with your finger. - Kartik Mehta
Sacrifice is the most beautiful situation and solution for all social problems - Kartik Mehta
There are two kind of people in the world those who wish to be remembered, and those who are always remembered. - Kartik Mehta
Frustration of mind can be revel through writing something even if it will be never read. - Kartik Mehta
Not all days are same... Not all people remains same... Time and Ego shall deemed guilty for the same.... - Kartik Mehta
Everyone knows the principles of Beautiful life but,only few of them have opportunities to follow them. - Kartik Mehta
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