Quotation Explorer - 'Kenan Malik'

As universities have turned into businesses, so students have turned into consumers. - Kenan Malik
Education is not a product but a relationship and a process; a relationship between student and lecturer, and process by which knowledge transforms the individual. - Kenan Malik
Humans are, as Sartre put it, ‘condemned to be free’. To insist that science, or God, objectively defines moral values is to abandon our responsibility as human beings to make such judgments. - Kenan Malik
To talk of humans as 'transcendent' is not to ascribe to them spiritual properties. It is, rather, to recognize that as subjects we have the ability to transform our selves, our natures, our world—an ability denied to any other physical being. - Kenan Malik
There is more to the human mind than its evolutionary heritage. - Kenan Malik
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