Quotation Explorer - 'Malak El Halabi'

دعني أحرق الماضي بجمر عينيك.. دعني أحرقه ورقة ورقة.. - Malak El Halabi
He says "You are my property" and I feel relieved. After all, no one wishes to shatter what he owns. - Malak El Halabi
Like a tenacious ivy, your presence clings onto the drab wall of my existence. Cling harder onto me love, like a blood sucking bed-bug who is never satiated. - Malak El Halabi
هُوَ الرجل الذي لن يكرِّره هَذَا الدهر مرّتين.. - Malak El Halabi
Killing me softly, and I never felt more alive. - Malak El Halabi
He takes my breath away and proves to me that I don't need it. - Malak El Halabi
You dance the troika in the opening of my veins and I only protest with a murmur. - Malak El Halabi
You are the Arabian stallion that neighs on the crossroad of my heart ache covering me with the dust of my own ardor. - Malak El Halabi
أشهد ألّا رجلاً استطاع ترويضي الّا أنتَ.. - Malak El Halabi
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