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My fear is not death. I only fear GOD so as all of you should. - Nadair Desmar
God gave you life to live happily not to suffer heavily. I felt sufferment. - Nadair Desmar
I rather fight for light then to go blind in night. - Nadair Desmar
Things I hate comes with a pain. - Nadair Desmar
Money is key to survival. Love is key to happiness. - Nadair Desmar
People ask me how am I doing in life instead of how hurt am I by the life. - Nadair Desmar
Anger is a revenge that can never be controlled. - Nadair Desmar
You are a message to the world make sure it is motivating. - Nadair Desmar
Whatever does not change you specially makes you different. - Nadair Desmar
Trust the faith everything will be okay. - Nadair Desmar
Loneliness is the worst pain that human can go through specially the period time when technology that is design to keep people away from each other and that period is now (21-Century). - Nadair Desmar
I strongly believe in after life because life down here is too costly. - Nadair Desmar
When you come to a point realizing what is going on in the society, then you will also come to a point in need to fight back. - Nadair Desmar
You are message to the world make it motivating. - Nadair Desmar
Forget the dream. Stay real. - Nadair Desmar
Power to the people then and now. - Nadair Desmar
Do not be so attached to life otherwise you will end up struggling for life. Choice is yours. - Nadair Desmar
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