Quotation Explorer - 'Nancy S. Mure'

The processed food industry hijacked our palates by using three highly addictive weapons -- sugar, salt and wheat. - Nancy S. Mure
Processed foods are made to be addictive which is why we can't stop craving them. - Nancy S. Mure
People who have character follow through. They don't lie to themselves or anyone else. They don't start something, ten give up because it's "hard." People of character set a goal and stick to it. - Nancy S. Mure
In understanding the basics of digestion, you'll discover who's in charge. Here's a hint. It's not you. - Nancy S. Mure
Triumph by putting a little soul into it! - Nancy S. Mure
A high functioning palate allows you to live without sugar and salt - Nancy S. Mure
If you can EAT! you can lose the weight!! - Nancy S. Mure
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