Quotation Explorer - 'Nomzamo Nhlumayo'

The life I've livedWhat more can one ask forApart from a grand exitSlit of the wristTotal bliss - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
You said you love me, how could words be so empty - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
Carved deep into my veins but didn't bleedOverdosed on sleeping pills but didn't sleepWhen your heart is heavy, it gets increasingly harder to breatheClearly there's a GodBut why has he forsaken me? - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
Cos every breath is unbearably painful - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
Like the shadow of deathThe residue of heartbreakAlways lingers in the backgroundWith its darkness threatening to consume you - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
And in the face of adversity always remember your light shines brightest in the dark - Nomzamo Nhlumayo
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