Quotation Explorer - 'P.K. Shaw'

People often get their imagination's mixed up with their memories. - P.K. Shaw
Emotional security is just as important as financial security. - P.K. Shaw
People do no change with the times, they change the times. - P.K. Shaw
Those whom we cannot stand are usually those whom we cannot understand. - P.K. Shaw
One good thing about lovers is that they don't take up much room on public transport. - P.K. Shaw
Personal qualities are much more important than qualifications. - P.K. Shaw
All creatures have a sense of territory - except children. - P.K. Shaw
Being your age is hard enough without having to act it. - P.K. Shaw
The trouble with having a fertile mind is that the weeds grow as prolific as the pastures. - P.K. Shaw
One does not need to be a good fighter to put up a good fight. - P.K. Shaw
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