Quotation Explorer - 'Pratik Akkawar'

It only needs a desire, not words; to start a conversation. - Pratik Akkawar
Leaving others alone is a sign of cowardice, whether you are involved in a war or in a relationship. - Pratik Akkawar
Words won’t have meaning until you put your emotions into them. - Pratik Akkawar
A person who lies for you can lie to you too. - Pratik Akkawar
In the end it is all about loving your family. For one the family can be as small as single person or as big as whole world. - Pratik Akkawar
Be with people for whom your empty pocket does not matter. - Pratik Akkawar
Destiny never gives you chances, but in life you get many chances to change your destiny. - Pratik Akkawar
A mistake from a good person always gets treated as crime. - Pratik Akkawar
Without money you can't reach to girl's heart. - Pratik Akkawar
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