Quotation Explorer - 'Puredragonwolf'

The cold is lonely person's way of feeling alone and death - PureDragonWolf
Even the most kindest person in the world, can be the most cruelest person. - PureDragonWolf
How can you forgive someone when they can't give a reason why? - PureDragonWolf
Being a lone wolf is sometimes better than being in a pack. - PureDragonWolf
Emptiness is like air. It floats around unseen but you know it's there. - PureDragonWolf
It's better to be friends with someone that is willing to be your friend than someone that doesn't. - PureDragonWolf
No war is ever a war without the loss of a life of a solider - PureDragonWolf
How can I escape a cage build by man? - PureDragonWolf
Love is like a knife. It can either hurt you or it's too dangerous to hold on too. - PureDragonWolf
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