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Busyness does not make you money, business do. Are you running a busyness or a business? - Saji Ijiyemi
You will not invest in yourself if you think you are not worth it - Saji Ijiyemi
Having a head is not enough, you must get ahead - Saji Ijiyemi
Successful people go through fear to get to where they are. - Saji Ijiyemi
You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it - Saji Ijiyemi
You are either growing up or going down - Saji Ijiyemi
If you plan to wake up tomorrow, plan for it. - Saji Ijiyemi
If you don't stop fear, fear will stop you. Somebody's gotta stop. My advice? Don't let it be you. Whatever IT is. Do IT afraid - Saji Ijiyemi
Own your happiness and let people understand that they have to own theirs. If you make it your job to make people happy, you have made it your job to keep people happy. - Saji Ijiyemi
A lot of people desire to go to their next level but only a few are determined to grow to their next level - Saji Ijiyemi
No buddy is perfect - Saji Ijiyemi
No matter how little your light is, let it shine - Saji Ijiyemi
If you want to be outstanding, stop meeting expectations, start exceeding them - Saji Ijiyemi
Whatever you believe is true is true even if it is not true - Saji Ijiyemi
You are either supporting the vision or supporting division - Saji Ijiyemi
It is difficult to cultivate a healthy relationship in a landscape overgrown with blame, lack of trust, and betrayal - Saji Ijiyemi
The power in people is stronger than people in power. - Saji Ijiyemi
If you can lead yourself when nobody is following, people will follow when you are not leading - Saji Ijiyemi
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