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God Hates divorce.""He hates cruelty even more."Caring For Eleanor - Sonia Rumzi
Anyone who teaches me deserves my respect, honoring and attention. - Sonia Rumzi
If we are exhorted to play simple melodies with beauty rather than difficult ones with error, the same should be applied to writing; simple words greater effect. - Sonia Rumzi
It is not where we are that matters nor what we have, it is what we do with where we are and what we have. - Sonia Rumzi
Suffering teaches joy. - Sonia Rumzi
Nothing is more egregious than greedy politicians. - Sonia Rumzi
Work on your character, let life fall into place. - Sonia Rumzi
Humans are probably the only creatures who know that they will die. They know for certain and yet they keep going. A resilient spirit and a need to survive does not make for cowardice.Salma to Merrick in Simple Conversation - Sonia Rumzi
Where Norman Rockwell is the Artist for the man on the street, O'Henry is his author. - Sonia Rumzi
Never mistrust, unless given a reason. - Sonia Rumzi
Never underestimate the power of good but never ignore evil lurking in the hearts of men.Rose of Life - Sonia Rumzi
We get so caught up in the life we are leading and forget that we are capable of living.Caring for Eleanor by - Sonia Rumzi
You cannot forgive just once, forgiveness is a daily practice. - Sonia Rumzi
When I get tired of new clunky writing, I resort to old fashioned story tellers, like Wilkie Collins. - Sonia Rumzi
Complacency delivered us into the hands of evil greedy men like Cheney. - Sonia Rumzi
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