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Writing isn't only about a completed piece of work.It’s about the writer you’re becoming while creating - T.N. Suarez
Write for a cause,NOT APPLAUSEWrite to express,NOT TO IMPRESS.Writing isn’t just about being noticed…IT'S BEING REMEMBERED - T.N. Suarez
Success in writing occurs when your dreams are bigger than your excuses. - T.N. Suarez
Write something today that you future self will be proud of. - T.N. Suarez
Write until your idea becomes reality. - T.N. Suarez
Writing isn't only about a completed piece of work. It's about the writer you're becoming while writing. - T.N. Suarez
Writing isn't a choice. It's a calling. So answer the damn phone already! - T.N. Suarez
I AM NOT A WRITER.My characters simply commandeer my fingertips, writing their own destinies. - T.N. Suarez
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