Quotation Explorer - 'Timothy Joshua'

Hold on, and dont put us on hold - Timothy Joshua
I only ever wanted to feel more human. - Timothy Joshua
She met a dashing man —he was, a dash. - Timothy Joshua
Your words are like mirrors. They may cut, but they also reflect. - Timothy Joshua
At the end of all things, why do lovers break up? Because love is magic. You have to believe, for it to exist. - Timothy Joshua
You rewrote the art in my heart. - Timothy Joshua
Different people become different people when they meet different people. - Timothy Joshua
Show me your shoes, and I shall show you what paths you have yet to walk. - Timothy Joshua
Flowers wither knowing that you exist. - Timothy Joshua
Though we met at the same station,we were but passing trains;on parallel lines,destined to never meet. - Timothy Joshua
To get change, you must first pay for it. - Timothy Joshua
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