Quotation Explorer - 'Wayne Chirisa'

A great sense of commitment builds a hardworking spirit. - Wayne Chirisa
Ineffective leadership, is the plight of followers who anoint power to the autocratic persons who's visions are not founded but are rather arbitrary in their nature. - Wayne Chirisa
Subliminal influence, is the constant drive to the change in consumer choices. - Wayne Chirisa
Endurance precedes success. - Wayne Chirisa
Life is not about our personal missions through God, it's about God's mission through our designed purpose. - Wayne Chirisa
A mindset that understands order, is a mindset that can understand leadership. - Wayne Chirisa
To model the path of love, is to model the representation of God in your life. - Wayne Chirisa
In order to discover who you are within, you need to attune your visionary world deep in your sub-conscience to the outward world and live it. - Wayne Chirisa
Living someone else's vision, is proclaiming death to your imparted destiny, and proclaiming life to the destiny of the visionaries pursuing their visions. - Wayne Chirisa
There is no color to known to beauty except elegance. - Wayne Chirisa
To impart a moral responsibility to exercise fairness in leadership builds greater leaders of strong character. - Wayne Chirisa
Every great dream has no defined parameters, out of fear we set the limitations. - Wayne Chirisa
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