Quotation Explorer - 'Wrushank Sorte'

Success comes to those who try hard for it - Wrushank Sorte
Do good or bad people will always have something to say; be happy or sad you will always have a reason to pray - Wrushank Sorte
LOVE, RESPECT AND CARE are the things if you will give it; you will get it - Wrushank Sorte
I was about to die; and then she gave me a birth again - Wrushank Sorte
I don't love you just because you have a beautiful face; I love you more because your heart is adorable - Wrushank Sorte
I am waiting for the day; when my soul will be happy for the breath i take - Wrushank Sorte
Love never die; if we keep it alive - Wrushank Sorte
Every word is beautiful; if you read it with your heart not with your eyes - Wrushank Sorte
Love isn't a waste of time; if done with the right person - Wrushank Sorte
I will be fine; as far as the wind will bring me the memories i have spent with you - Wrushank Sorte
Every door makes a way; for some it works and some just say - Wrushank Sorte
We can't always win the game; sometimes we lose; but that doesn't mean we should stop playing - Wrushank Sorte
Sadness is a part of life; Love is the heart of life; But facing pain and to come out strong is the real art of life - Wrushank Sorte
I am not in a relationship; my heart is - Wrushank Sorte
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